wow. this is such a heartfelt story.
I was captivated by the story all most immediately lacey letting go of all her fears to take a chance of love for her and her child and for happiness

wow for short novel
you crammed a lot in the book.
thank for the chance to read the book with a honest review. I liked alot the way Marshall went to war after spending one night alone with a beautiful woman that would not only capture his heart throughout his years of war to always remember her. to find out he had a daughter

wow. smoking hot food sex and true love.
I love the way she surprises herself by visiting the diner to see what Stuart had planned for her in the kitchen. It made my mouth water imagining him doing that to Serena!!! “hot” all I will say definitely great read


this book is very different to what I have read in the past I do love a different read . hauted by raine is different in the way raine is taking a chance on her marriage with a make or break chance to save her marriage from drifting apart.
raine managed to connect and find out more about her past and make a stronger connection with her soul mate (husband)