Rebecca Sherwin

Blogging isn’t something I do often. I use this site mainly to take part in blog tours and lend my support to others…Hell, I haven’t even updated my Twisted graphics and it’s been almost a year since the series began!

I don’t blog because you can see booky stuff on a number of other platforms (and yes, I know I’ve probably got this backwards), and because honestly? My life isn’t nearly thrilling enough to warrant wasting my time writing about it, and your time reading about it.

But today I’m inspired to blog – this thing that, quite frankly, terrifies me – and see what happens, who’s interested in what I’ve got to say, and what you have to say about it. Of course, I invite you to comment on this post; leave your thoughts, tell me your stories, and criticise mine – I don’t mind!

So here goes…

Many of you who…

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