*~*~*~*COVER REVEAL*~*~*~* MARKED by Rebecca Sherwin. Benny’s dirty, he’s deviant, he’s devilish, and he’s available for preorder now!
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I couldn’t live without pain.
I’d been born into a life of torture and I walked the lonely road of t



orment, praying for mercy. I was scarred mentally. I was deformed physically. I was mutilated emotionally.
I was a sailor lost at sea, a soul lost in limbo, a shell of a man with no hope.
Until I found her. My fiery ­haired, crystal-eyed little one who brought light to a
life that knew nothing but darkness.
But she had dark shadows of her own. A past filled with anguish and brutality. A future that promised nothing but the barren life I understood too well.
We were two victims. Two loveless souls searching for something to live for.
We were monsters.
We were evil. We were doomed.
Our scars ran deep and our grasp on each other depended only on the search for punishment  for the next slice of pain that made us feel alive. We lived for the hurt, we lived for the anger. We lived to mark each other with intensity, belonging, and our own messed up version of recovery.

This isn’t a love story. It’s a story that cuts. It’s a story that captivates. It’s a
story that questions morals and crosses the line of sanity.

It’s a twisted story, one you won’t see coming until it’s too late…

Please be advised – Marked contains content that some readers may find disturbing.

**Marked is a STANDALONE novel**

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